Easy Gardening Tips


Some simple and easy gardening tricks


1) When you are using compost, be sure to keep it covered until the job is 100% finished. This way you keep all the nutrients are kept inside. It’s always best to use organic compost when your garden organically. If you can’t afford organic compost due to money issues, than ask about a good backup.

2) Learn which flowers and shrubs work best when they are together. This is called companion planting.When certain plants are paired together, they tend to keep other pests away. Some combinations of plants also replace lost nutrients. Say one plant has lost some valuable minerals. Well the partner plant might be able to replace these lost nutrients. Keep this in mind when doing your gardening and termite control phoenix.

3) The herbs need to be dried at the end of the summer. This is their window. Keep this in mind. You also need to tie back the sprigs. They need to be tied back in small bunches.

The sprigs need to be tied with a rubber band. Take them out of the sun and store tip down in a dry place. You can store them one of two ways. You can store them in a labelled jar. This will keep the herbs in tact for the next year. You can also store them in the freezer.

Either way, you need to keep them labelled. A freezer will keep your herbs preserved and healthy. When the time comes to bring them out and plant again, your herbs will be healthy. This last bit is a tip that not many people know about.

4) The best time to water your garden is in the morning. I will tell you why. The afternoon comes with high. heavy humidity, no matter what time a year it is. The afternoon will bring mildew and other types of fungus. This fungus and mildew can and will eat away at your garden.

woman working in her garden5) Here’s a point of interest about compost. You need to take a look at the growing season. The longer it is, the more compost you are going to need. Compost has nutrients and other valuable minerals that your garden needs to survive. Keep an eye on each calendar year. As the years move on, you might need to buy more compost. Sometimes buying in bulk will help you save some money.


How many of you have extra coffee grounds around. This might sound like a silly question, but take a look. The coffee grounds will make an excellent source of mulch. If you have lots of acid-loving plants, than this is going to be a good thing. Give your extra ground to the plants. Trust me, they will eat it up like nobody’s business.